Has a Well Pump Fallen Loose in your Well?

After many years of service your well pump installation may develop complications due to corrosion or abrasive conditions. When this happens, the well pump equipment can drop to the bottom of the well. This can sometimes happen all by itself, but sometimes if your pump breaks away, it’s when someone who is unskilled or doesn’t have the correct tools is tampering with it.

When the pump connections have become severed, connections for both the water delivery systems and the wiring that was used to power it, it can end up being wedged in the well. This makes it difficult to recover.

Well pump retrieval service involves the use of different techniques by specialists which enable them to recover the submerged pump from the well. A novice or someone without the proper equipment can attempt to carry out the work of recovering the pump by himself, but it is not advisable and could cause further complications.


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Here are some reasons why you should use a well water specialist when you have issues with your well:

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An experienced Well Pump specialist can prevent the problem from occurring

A Well Pump Specialist can avoid the need for well pump retrieval in the first place. Being experienced in Well repair and Well pump repair standard practices can avoid the well pump from breaking off and falling into the well.

A Specialist can avoid accidents during Well pump retrieval

The process of retrieving a pump from your well is very difficult and requires the use of special equipment and technicians who have the experience to safely remove it without causing additional problems. Deciding to make use of specialists in this process you will benefit from them employing the necessary safety measures while retrieving the pump hence avoiding cases of fatal accidents that may occur in your well. Some wells which are quite deep can make the task even more difficult.

There is great savings on time while working with a Specialist

After you decide to involve a specialist for your Well pump retrieval, they will make use of proven techniques which will likely result in a much shorter time in retrieving your pump. Choosing to do the task on your own can take a considerable amount of time as you learn how to do it. Avoid the loss of time and get the water pumping to your home as quickly as possible.

If your well is for your farm or Livestock

If your well is for your livestock you could suddenly find yourself looking for other sources of water such as transporting clean water in a large tank or a truck in order to keep your livestock alive and well. This can be quite expensive and time consuming.

Using a Well Pump Retrieval Specialist will almost certainly save you time, frustration, and money

The savings will be quickly seen when the specialists combine their years of qualified experience with their custom designed equipment and implement the correct method for your specific Well and situation.

Handyman vs. Specialist

Many things are great for a handyman to do, other things not so much. If you don’t have the right tools, or if the cost of buying or renting the tools you might need is expensive, doing it yourself may cost you more.

  • Instead of you guessing on different methods to use in your struggle to repair or retrieve your pump…
  • Instead of trying to figure out what to use to put down your Well so you can fish around trying to retrieve your pump…

Save yourself the trouble, call the Specialists at Monticello Pump Services, then relax and sleep well tonight.

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