About Great Falls, VA

Great Falls, located in Northern Virginia approximately fifteen miles West/Northwest of D.C., has been steadily welcoming new residents to the tune of 15, 247 at the 2010 consensus, an 80% increase in population since 2002. (Source: Wikipedia)

While the population has increased greatly, Great Falls residents are passionate about keeping the quaint rural town atmosphere with only one grocery store in the town center. Although the proximity to D.C. along with the natural beauty of an American rural town make Great Falls a target for large developers, the largely absent public water utilities keep developers from easily building in the area which helps to preserve the rural town feel.

Great Falls Virginia

Wells as Source of Water for Residents in Great Falls

As a mostly rural area, residents of Great Falls are on well water, and depend on quality services to maintain their utilities. Well systems are made up of many parts, and any one of these pieces has the potential to malfunction causing water to stop being delivered into the home. While usually a temporary nuisance, if not handled correctly by an expert such as Monticello Pump Services, Inc., well repairs can end up costing more than necessary.


Well Maintenance

Wells should be tested yearly to catch mechanical issues as well as water purity issues.

The CDC offers a maintenance checklist all homeowners with wells should follow to ensure safe drinking water and optimally functioning well components. Some of the guidelines include:

  • Have the well checked for mechanical issues and for potential contaminants such as bacteria, nitrates/nitrites, arsenic and radon.
  • Keep hazardous material such as paint and solvents away from the well area.
  • Periodically check the well cap to make sure it is not cracked and is completely covering the well entry.


The Well Pump

One of the main components of a well system is the well pump which is designed to provide a continuous supply of pressurized water by a pressure sensor that signals the pump to turn on when pressure is low, and off when pressure is high. The well pump is made to last for several years, and with regular maintenance can last up to 20 years.

However, some symptoms of well pump dysfunction may suddenly appear such as water pressure fluctuations, air mixing in with water streaming through the faucet, low water pressure, or an unexpected increase in a utility bill. These signs and more may require a well pump repair or even a well pump replacement.

Call on an Expert

Most well system issues need to be handled by an expert.

While there are some minor things a homeowner can do to check if some water issues are easily fixed, most homeowners are not knowledgeable enough regarding well mechanics to diagnose problems or equipped to try and fix them.

Living in rural Great Falls, power surges can happen anytime during summer or winter when weather temperatures can become extreme, and simply turning the circuit breaker switch back on may fix a minor well problem. This is something easily handled by the homeowner. However, most issues beyond a circuit breaker switch reset requires the expertise of a quality well repair company.


Monticello Pump Services, Inc.

Residents of Great Falls expect high quality and timely service, and trust Monticello Pump Services, Inc. to diagnose and resolve all well issues. With more than 10 specialists and over 44 years of experience, Monticello Pump Services, Inc. continues to uphold their mission of putting the customer first above all and providing “A+ work 100% of the time.”

In the event of a well water issue, which can be a nuisance at best, or an emergency at worst, residents of Great Falls should rest assured that Monticello is only a phone call away and ready to assist with free emergency troubleshooting 24/7. Call the experts who have been assisting residents in Great Falls with all of their well water needs since 1975.


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