About Middleburg, Virginia

Middleburg, rich in history and overflowing with charm and beauty, is a small town with a population of only 851 in 2017.  Quaint shops, boutiques and restaurants are abundant in its town center and it boasts the reputation of being the nation’s horse and hunt capital.

Originally named Chinn’s Crossroad after George Washington’s cousin, Joseph Chinn, sold the property to John Leven Powell, a Revolutionary War lieutenant colonel, the name of the town along route 50 was changed to Middleburg because it was halfway between Alexandria and Winchester, Va.

While life in Middleburg can seem idyllic, residents experiencing trouble with plumbing or well water depend on the quality services of Monticello Pump Services, Inc. With a solid track record of delivering honest and dependable service, residents searching for a “well repair near me” online will see how Monticello stands out from the rest with their customer-oriented information and business model.

Middleburg, Virginia

Having Well Pump Issues in Middleburg?

A common issue requiring well pump service is when a well pump runs but no water is coming out of the faucet. A reason for this might be due to a power surge that affects the capacitors in the well controls. The most common cause of power surges that affect wells is lightning, so summertime usually brings a spike of well pump service calls to Monticello Pump Services, Inc. If a quick check and flip of the switch on the circuit breaker does not fix the issue, call us and we’ll take it from there.

Middleburg Well Pump Issues

Another common issue is water pressure, specifically low water pressure. If you turn on a faucet and experience low water pressure, this could be a sign that an adjustment is needed in the pressure tank. Or, you might have a blockage somewhere in your plumbing, a dirty well filter screen, or a broken or corroding well pipe. Whatever the reason, Monticello Pump Services, Inc.will be able to diagnose and make the necessary repair to get the water flowing regularly again

Middleburg Virginia Horse Country

About Monticello Pump Services

Getting a constant pressure well pump installed is another solution that takes care of water pressure fluctuations throughout the home when water demand increases due to multiple appliances and fixtures running at the same time. Instead of the pressure tank turning on and off when reaching a certain PSI level, the constant water pressure system keeps the pressure constant so that no matter how much water is used at the same time, the pressure remains nice and steady. No more slow showers when the dishwasher is running.

Monticello Pump Services, Inc. is a family-owned business and has been servicing the area of Middleburg and surrounding towns for over 45 years. Our main priority is customer satisfaction, and we strive for that by providing expert, top-notch technicians to resolve all of your well repair issues.

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Monticello Pump Services, Inc, provides 24/7 emergency support to address urgent issues as soon as they appear. Emergency calls are answered any time of day or night, so rest assured that your urgent issue is our top priority.



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