About Luckets, Virginia

Originally named Goresville after prominent landowner Thomas Gore, and for a time called Black Swamp because of the plethora of Black Oak Trees, the now Lucketts, Virginia is a historic village in Loudon County, seven miles north of Leesburg.

Made up of charming antique shops, an old building that used to house a post office and general store, a gas station, school, a firehouse and some houses, Lucketts is a favorite weekend stop for treasure hunters searching for unique, vintage finds in a quaint and relaxing village atmosphere.

Home to about 2700 people, including artists, jewelry makers, photographers and woodworkers, the village of Lucketts has maintained its historic charm with only one traffic light and a mix of log cabins and farmhouses.

Lucketts Virginia - Well Pump Repair and Replacement

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Newer developments are slowly drifting in, but there is concern for limiting growth. The landscape is comprised of limestone mixed with other porous materials. The porosity creates routes for surface contaminants to travel to the groundwater, which can negatively affect the drinking water.

Lucketts residents on well water rely on a water filtration system for clean, pure drinking water. Monticello Pump Services, Inc. recommends regular water testing to check for contaminants, and offers water testing through state certified laboratories.

Low Water Pressure in Lucketts

A common well problem in rural areas is low water pressure due to clogged pipes in older homes from mineral deposits and corrosion, or a leak in older or improperly installed water pipes. A simple check of plumbing fixtures to see if the buildup is in the faucets or shower heads would entail an easy fix of removing the buildup. However, in most cases, the problem is more hidden and complex, requiring services of a quality well pump company. When Lucketts residents search online for a water well repair near me, Monticello Pump Services, Inc. shows up as a highly-trusted source for complex well repairs.

Well Pump Repair in Lucketts

Besides clogged and corroded pipes, a faulty well pump may be the culprit of low or no water pressure or even no water from the well coming out at all. Sometimes a well pump can develop leaks which would cause the pump to work harder than normal, and cause the water pressure to drop. In this case, the well pump may need a repair or a complete well pump replacement may be warranted depending on the extent of damage.

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