About Bull Run

Located in Prince William County with a population of 15, 598 in 2019, Bull Run is home to the First and Second Battles of Bull Run during the Civil War. The First Battle of Bull Run was the largest battle at that point in U.S. history and the first time in history when railroads were used in a battle to transport soldiers, making it easier and faster for soldiers to reach the battle field which helped the Confederates achieve victory.

With its historical significance and proximity to D.C., people find Bull Run a fascinating place to visit, and a convenient place to live. The battle sites along with nearby attractions such as the Bull Run Winery and Splashdown Water Park attract visitors to the area to tour the historical sites and surrounding areas.

Bull Run Virginia

Having Well Water Issues in Bull Run?

Well pump problems can surface any time, and residents of Bull Run are fortunate to have a reputable well company to call when things go wrong. Homeowners, business owners and property managers all trust Monticello Pump Services, Inc. to get the repair done quickly and correctly.

Bull Run Housing and Economic Data

As an urban suburb of Northern Virginia, Bull Run has a total of 5980 housing units, 40% of which are occupied by owners, and 55% occupied by renters.


The main industries in Bull Run are retail, construction and healthcare. With the median age of 31.5, most residents are busy working, commuting an average of 34.3 minutes as well as raising young families and don’t have time to research well water issues when water is not flowing as it should be. The situation is urgent and needs assistance right away.

Bull Run Virginia - Well Pump Repair and Replacement

Well Pump Repair and Replacement in Bull Run, VA

Especially since 55% of Bull Run residences are rental properties, a fast repair is of utmost importance to keep rental customers happy. When a landlord receives calls about no water coming out of the pipes, low water pressure, or even no water pressure at all except for a dribble, a repair needs to be done as soon as possible. The technicians at Monticello Pump Services, Inc. begin helping right from the first call, often offering assistance over the phone to begin troubleshooting a well issue. We even offer help on our website to get a repair such as low or no water pressure fixed as soon as possible.

Call on a Well Pump Expert in Bull Run

Every single aspect of your well pump system can be diagnosed, repaired or replaced by the highly-trained technicians of Monticello Pump Services. Whether the issue is low water pressure or a well pump not working or delivering water into a residence, Monticello Pump Services, a Northern Virginia family-owned business, has been servicing the area of Bull Run and surrounding cities and towns for over 45 years, and we always treat our clients as the number one priority.


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