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Solve Your Emergency Well Water Problems!

If you have no water at all, check the following:

  • Make sure the circuit breaker for the well pump hasn’t tripped.

    Open the electrical panel inside the house and check the breaker for your well pump. If you don’t know which breaker is for the well pump, look to see if any breaker has tripped. That is, look for a switch one that is neither in the on position or in the off position, but instead is in the middle. If you don’t see one like that, look for a breaker that is in the off position which is normally in the on position. Power surges, blackouts and brownouts, or an increased use in power can cause the circuit breaker to trip and shut off power to your well pump.

  • Check for voltage at the well.

    If you have a volt meter or a multimeter, check that there is voltage at the top of the well.

  • Listen for grinding or scraping noises from the pump.

    (You’ll need to have the pump actuated to perform this test.) If you do have power at the top of the well, you may also have power still going to the pump. If so, the water pump, may still be turning but with resistance. If you hear unusual sounds from deep in the well, your well pump may need to be repaired or replaced.

  • Listen for a humming sound from the pump.

    (You’ll need to have the pump actuated to perform this test.) If you don’t hear the pump turning, listen for a humming sound.

Monticello Pump Service 24/7 Emergency Well Repair Service

If you have low water pressure, check the following:

  • Is your water muddy or murky? Do your spigots pump out air instead of water?

    If one or more of these symptoms apply, water level in your well needs checking.

  • Is your water pressure tank functional? Is it causing low water pressure to the tap?

    Check your pressure gauge (usually at the bottom of your pressure tank) there should be a 20 psi differential in pressure from the kick on point to the kick off point (30-50 psi / 40-60 psi).

    If you don’t have the above pressure then try draining your water system to 0 psi and use a tire pressure gauge and find the air fill valve atop the tank. The pressure in the tank should be 2 pounds per square inch less than the setting at which the pressure switch comes on.

    If you don’t have the tools to do these checks or need some over the phone assistance, give us a call. We can help you troubleshoot the problem or if need be, we’ll hop right over and resolve of your low well water pressure problems and right away.

Monticello Pump Service 24/7 Emergency Well Repair Service

If your pipes clank, rattle or make other strange noises:

  • Impeller problems can cause loud sounds if there is corrosion, excessive wear or damage. Bearings and Pistons can cause clunking or whining noises if they are going bad or there is wear and tear. Excess air in the distribution system can cause a knocking, hammering or clunking sound. Pipes Must Be Tight at the top of the well pump and secured throughout your house. If the pipes are loose, they move when the pump turns on and cause a clunking sound. Loud banging may occur when a suddenly closed valve abruptly stops flowing water. High water pressure may be to blame if noise occurs when water is turned off. If you have any concerns, contact the professionals at Monticello Pump Services, Inc. to assist you with your emergency well repair service issues.

Monticello Pump Service 24/7 Emergency Well Repair Service

If you have a water leak:

  • Water will leak if there is a bad connection, perforation or a crack in the pipe. Check for water pooling around the water tank and at the top of your well. See if you can pinpoint the source. Water leakage could be a sign of a serious problem.

Monticello Pump Service 24/7 Emergency Well Repair Service

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