Well Casing Repair Service

Is your well casing damaged above or below the ground surface? Are roots or other things growing through your well casing or into your well drinking water? Watch the short clip below and see what we found in one client’s well.

Is your well water safe? When was the last time you checked your well casing? The most likely place for damage to occur is near the ground surface. But, often the problem is below the surface where tree roots actually barrel through the well casing potentially causing water from near the ground surface to flow into and mix with the water you drink.

Don’t wait until you or your loved one gets sick. Let us help you repair your well casing today!

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Damaged Water Well Casing resulting in ground water and worse to enter and contaminate your drinking water.


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Check Out What We Found in a Client's Well!

Repairing a damaged well casing: Before and After

well casing repair from old to new

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