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Located 23 miles southwest of D.C. is Fairfax Station, established in 1851,a picturesque community with parks, lakes and plenty of green spaces. It is revered as an escape from the city into the beauty and solitude of nature. Fairfax Station was originally part of the Orange and Alexandria Railroad, and played an important role in the Civil War as a medical and supply evacuation site during the second Battle of Bull Run.

Today, Fairfax Station is home to 12, 030 people from the 2010 census, and 93% of people own their own homes, with a median home value of $654,600.  Out of seven counties surrounding the D.C. area, Fairfax Station has the highest number of commuters at 81%. Between balancing work and commute times with the leisurely activities that Fairfax Station has to offer, residents should feel confident that any well issues that might arise will be taken care of quickly and expertly with Monticello Pump Services, Inc.

Fairfax Station Virginia Well Pump Repair and Replacement

Servicing Well Pumps in Fairfax Station

Well pump repair is an issue that most never think of, until they experience no water coming out of their faucets, or no water pressure from the well. There can be many reasons why problems surface, but despite most homeowners being savvy about other home repairs, well and plumbing issues can range from easy to complex, and are best handled by the professionals at Monticello Pump Services, Inc. who have been servicing well pumps for over 45 years!


Make Sure You Pick an Expert

The experts at Monticello Pump Services, Inc. can assist starting over the phone with some easy checks a homeowner can do to rule out minor issues that may not need immediate attention. However, rest assured that our highly-trained technicians are available for emergency well and septic calls 24/7 and customer satisfaction is our number one priority.

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It is also important for residents to test their well water periodically for contaminants to ensure that what they are drinking and using for bathing and cleaning is free of harmful bacteria. Monticello Pump Services, Inc. offers testing for E.Coli and Total Coliforms for safe drinking and usage. An annual test is recommended by the Environmental Protection Agency.

Additionally, low water pressure problems can be addressed with a constant pressure well pump which changes the pump speed based on usage, providing a comfortable constant water pressure for showering and washing.


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