Simple Guidance for How to Deal with Sporadic Water Pressure

Are you dealing with water pressure that comes and goes? While you are showering, do you notice your water pressure fluctuating? Temporary, fluctuating drops, such as low water pressure or no water pressure, are annoying, but sporadic water pressure does not have to be permanent. In most cases, there is a clear reason for sporadic or intermittent water pressure. Typically, it is a problem that can be fixed!

Things to Check First

Before you panic and think the only solution is a well pump replacement, there are some things you should check first. And, if you are a do-it-yourself kind of person, you can probably solve the problem on your own with our diagnostic guides.

If you are dealing with sporadic water pressure, look for these possible issues first:

  • Has the water supply been shut off?
  • Does the well pump have electricity or seem to be working?
  • Does the well have water? Does it appear to have enough water?
  • Do you have a burst pipe or a leak?
  • Do the well pump controls seem to be working properly?
  • Is the issue affecting all the faucets in your home or just certain ones?
  • Is the water sporadic depending on the temperature of the water?

Your Well May Be Old

Over time, wells can deteriorate. When this happens, the wells tend to have a harder time pumping out water, which can result in sporadic water pressure. This is because the deteriorating minerals clog the lines and prevent the water from flowing smoothly.

Your Well Pump Motor May Be Struggling

Some well pumps are designed to shut off automatically when the motor gets too hot. If your well pump motor is overheating and has this feature, it may explain why your water pressure is sporadic at times. However, if the problem seems to be ongoing and you are dealing with sporadic water pressure more often than not, then you may be dealing with a bad thermal sensor switch.

You May Have a Broken Water Line

One obvious reason you may have sporadic water pressure is a burst pipe. But, there may be an issue that you can’t see at first glance, such as a broken line inside the well. If the line is broken, it will struggle to pump water to the home.

You May Have Air Trapped in the Pipes

Another cause for sporadic water pressure is air trapped in the lines. The air will force the water through the pipes intermittently. There are many ways air can enter the pipes, but one common cause is a bad check valve at the pump.

Free Emergency Troubleshooting for Manassas, Leesburg, Fairfax, and Fredericksburg Residents

If you are dealing with sporadic water pressure, we are happy to help. We offer free emergency troubleshooting 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We will troubleshoot this issue with you over the phone and then determine if we need to come out and service your pump.