Sporadic Water Pressure and How to Fix It

Are you dealing with water pressure that seems to come and go? Does it seem like some days the water pressure is steady? But other days it fluctuates, and you seem to have no water pressure? As a homeowner, intermittent water pressure is annoying and frustrating. If you are wondering what is causing sporadic water pressure and how to deal with the issue, you’ve come to the right place.

Some Well Pumps Are Designed to Shut Off at Certain Times

To protect the well pump, some models are designed to shut off if the well pump gets too hot. If your model does have a shut-off and you still are experiencing intermittent water pressure even after it cools down, you may have a bad thermal sensor switch.

Air Can Get Trapped in the Pipes

If air is trapped in the pipes, it will cause sporadic water pressure. The air causes the water in the pipes to flow inconsistently. Air can become trapped in the pipes in a variety of ways, such as a bad check valve at the pump.

Clogging Can Affect Water Pressure

If pipes are clogged or valves are blocked, they will not function as they should. When there is something blocking the water from flowing through the pipes, it will cause sporadic water pressure. For example, if a faucet is blocked, you may experience intermittent water pressure.

Additional Water Usage May Be an Issue

If you notice the water pressure changes when multiple water faucets are on, then your well pump may not be able to keep up with the water needs of your household. As your household uses more water, the pressure will drop. The pressure switch for your well pump system should work to maintain 40-60 psi (pressure per square inch).

You May Be Experiencing Low Flow

If your water pressure shifts to low water pressure, then you may actually have less water volume. Rather than being a water pressure issue, it is a low flow issue. This can happen from a clogged filter, a bad well pump, or a more serious problem like a low producing well.

You May Need Well Pump Repair

If your well pump runs but no water pressure exists, you may be dealing with a problem with the well, well piping or well pump. In this case, you will need to contact a professional. You can contact the professionals at Monticello Pump Services, Inc. to troubleshoot the issue over the phone.

How to Fix Sporadic Water Pressure

As you can see, there are many different causes of sporadic water pressure. Fortunately, most intermittent water pressure issues are minor. If you are a do-it-yourselfer in Manassas, Leesburg, Fairfax, or Fredericksburg, you can use our troubleshooting and diagnostic tools to help you troubleshoot. Monticello Pump Services, Inc. even provides step-by-step instructions for handling different well pump problems.

Another solution to sporadic water pressure is to install a constant pressure well pump. This is an effective way to maintain water pressure throughout your home to keep up with all your water needs. A constant pressure well pump will lead to increased and consistent water pressure.