Five Questions About Well Pumps You Should Answer Truthfully

According to the EPA, “more than 13 million households rely on private wells for drinking water in the United States.” If you are a homeowner who relies on a well pump for water, then you will likely need well pump service at some point. Like all parts of your home, your well pump will need to be maintained in order to continue working well.

But sometimes Manassas homeowners will contact Monticello Well Pump Services for emergency services without knowing the critical information our specialists need to help diagnosis the problem. Or, the homeowner is embarrassed to admit it has been years since they looked at their pump. To ensure this doesn’t happen to you the next time you need well repair work done, here are the questions about well pumps you should be able to answer truthfully.

1. What is the brand, model, and age of your well pump?

There are different types of well pumps (such as jet pumps and submersible pumps), so in order to service the well pump, the specialist must know the type. It is also important to know the brand and model when it comes to servicing the pump or purchasing replacement parts.

Additionally, you should know the date when your well pump was installed. The age is important because most submersible well pumps should function for close to fifteen years. In contrast, older pumps can deteriorate and cause problems such as clogging. This is why it is important to tell the specialist the age of your pump.

2. When is the last time you inspected your well pump or performed regular maintenance?

It is important for homeowners with well pumps to perform regular maintenance in order to keep it running smoothly. However, we understand that life gets busy and time gets away from us. Instead of worrying about looking bad about how long it has been since you performed routine maintenance on your well pump, be honest. Tell the professionals when the last time you inspected the pump at your Leesburg home was, and the last time you checked the pressure tank.

3. What is in your water?

As the owner of a well pump, you must stay aware of the quality of your water. While you should take notice of any changes in the quality of the water, it is also wise to have your water tested. Not only is water testing important for your family’s safety, but water testing is also important in maintaining the longevity of your well pump.

Minerals in the water can cause corrosion, clogging of the pump, or even prevent the pump from working. If you notice a change in the quality of the water or see sediment in the water, you need to be honest with the Fredericksburg well pump specialist.

4. Have you experienced a dry spell?

If your area has experienced a dry spell or a drought, you need to inform the well repair specialist. A dry spell can affect how well your pump works. For example, during these dry seasons, there may be less water in the well, which will hinder the well pump from operating as it should. Additionally, if your well pump does not have a low water cutoff switch, then it will continue to run during these dry spells and eventually burn out.

5. Has there been an increase in the cost of your power bill?

Many people are embarrassed to talk about money and bills. While that is understandable, if your Fairfax County electric bill has drastically increased, it may be related to your well pump. For instance, if your well pump is not working correctly, it may be working harder (or using more electricity). Sometimes, a high-power bill is the first alert homeowners have a potential pump issue since the cost increase is due to an overworking pump.